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Author: Rachel Parcell

Rachel Parcell is a mom, wife, sister, designer, and blogger. Through her namesake collections and personalized brand partnerships, Rachel curates elegant and timeless products to inspire your wardrobe, travel, celebrations, home décor, and individual style. Rachel got her start with Pink Peonies, an online journal she made to document her life as a newlywed in 2010. As she wrote about her style, DIY projects, career aspirations, and homemaking, Rachel realized that blogging was not just a hobby—it could be her full-time passion. Soon after, with a little enterprise and experimentation, Rachel began to gain traction in the fashion industry by launching a limited collection in her name.  As each new business venture brought new challenges and new fanbases, Pink Peonies eventually blossomed into the highly successful lifestyle blog it is today. Millions of women from around the world tune in to browse Rachel’s delicious recipes, spotlights on home and family life, curated product recommendations, fashion and beauty inspiration, and stylish entertaining ideas. Rachel Parcell aims to “elevate your everyday moments” through unique, feminine, and high-quality purchases tailored for a variety of budgets. She draws from both practical products for home and family life, as well as romantic and whimsical items for a chic and personalized aesthetic. Visit to find your inspiration today.