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Utah Business – May 2018

The May 2018 issue of Utah Business magazine features the 30 Women to Watch as well as a feature on benefits of diversity within corporations.

30 Women to Watch:

Utah’s business community can be a tough place for women to break into and thrive within. A worse-than-average gender pay gap and lower levels of female representation in leadership roles can make Utah seem inhospitable to career-minded women. Despite those obstacles, Utah women truly are reaching the highest levels of leadership and carving a path for themselves in every industry. Each year, Utah Business honors a select group of women who set ambitious goals, achieve them, and then set even more ambitious goals. Please join us in celebrating our 2018 Women to Watch—exemplary leaders who are blazing trails for themselves and for the girls and women coming along after them.

Beyond Lip Service:

Diversity. As the tech industry continues to expand throughout the country, it’s become a buzzword—but one that can’t be ignored. Four thousand tech jobs sit unfilled in the state of Utah, and women comprise only 23 percent of that workforce. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reports that there are half as many African-Americans and Hispanics in tech as the rest of the private sector. And worryingly, Women Tech Council reports that only 10 percent of young women believe they can stay in the state for tech jobs.