Join Utah Business on March 6th for an exclusive creator economy summit discussing all things brand-building, storytelling, and more.

Calling all content creators! Join Utah Business at The Leonardo in Salt Lake City on March 6th, 2023 for the inaugural Content Creator’s Conference. This conference is a gathering place for online creators of all kinds to learn how to publish and curate quality content on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube—and, most importantly, how to monetize that content. Experts like Rachel Parcell, London Lazerson, Shane Rickard from Harmon Brothers, and more will be in attendance to talk about the pros and cons of their chosen platforms, tell the story of how they built their brands, and share best practices.

We’ll hear from Rachel Parcell, London Lazerson, The Harmon Brothers, and more!

We will talk about:

  • Brand building – online and offline
  • Long-form content creation
  • Storytelling
  • Algorithms
  • Monetization
  • And so much more!



March 6th, 2023

1:00-1:30 PM : Registration

1:30 PM-1:45 PM : Welcome + The Leonardo

1:45-2:15 PM : Rachel Parcell 1.1 Million Followers on Instagram + Founder of Rachel Parcell

2:15-2:35 PM : Jedari Keynote: Sean W. Whalen, co-founder and chief visionary of Jedari + Greg W. Anderson, co-founder and CEO of Jedari.

2:35 - 3:20 PM : Best Practices Panel: Advice from Companies who Use Affiliate Marketing.

3:20-3:45 PM : Content Creation Break -- Visit our selfie booths, exhibit tables, and explore The Leonardo!

3:45-4:15 PM : London Lazerson 10+ Million followers across social media on TikTok, Going Viral, and Promoting Across Muiltiple Platforms

4:15 - 4:45 PM : Shane Rickard CEO and Partner at Harmon Brothers, the ad agency that has collectively driven more than 1.5 billion views on Long Form Content, Story Telling, and Creating a Brand

5:00 - 6:00PM : Immersive Art Experience & Afterparty @ The Leonardo. We'll have food mingling, games, and more!


London Lazerson

London Lazerson has been going viral since 2015 (not always recognized, but he doesn’t hold grudges) and started his own company at age 21 to revolutionize the way we listen to music. (Sticky Sounds. Look it up.)

Rachel Parcell

Rachel Parcell is a mom, wife, sister, designer, and blogger. Through her namesake collections and personalized brand partnerships, Rachel curates elegant and timeless products to inspire your wardrobe, travel, celebrations, home décor, and individual style.

Shane Rickard

Shane Rickard is CEO and Partner at Harmon Brothers, the ad agency that has collectively driven more than 1.5 billion views, over $700 million in sales, and is behind viral ads like Lume, Squatty Potty, and Kodiak Cakes. He graduated from UVU with a degree in Digital Marketing—and a PHD in Steve Carrell’s hit series, The Office.

Lei Mobley-Alldredge

Lei Mobley-Alldredge is the senior manager of influences at Gabb Wireless.

Greg W. Anderson

Greg W. Anderson is the CEO, co-founder and chief architect of Jedari, an all-in-one software solution that offers brands and content-creators the technological tools and building blocks to launch their own social media platform. He partnered with co-founder Sean W. Whalen, to develop the revolutionary Jedari.

Sean W. Whalen

Sean W. Whalen believes in honor, respect and truth in all aspects of life; at home, in business and in the community. As the founder of several brands, Sean has mastered the art of entrepreneurship. He doesn't claim he's uncovered all the secrets to success, Sean promotes a belief that waking up and working hard everyday at whatever you apply yourself is the surest path to success. But he takes it a step farther, at the end of each day Sean studies and plans how to maximize the next one.

Natasha Thomas

Tash is married to a supportive and entrepreneurial husband. She is also a mother of four adorable kids! She is a licensed cosmetologist who decided to follow her dream of creating Ivy City Co. with her long-time BFF, Whitney, back in 2015. Designing beautiful and functional dresses is her passion, along with all things fashion and home décor. She is always up for fun with family and friends. Tash is a hopeless romantic and always has her nose in a good book.

Tara Wilkinson

Self taught baker turned social media influencer. When her account gained traction, she started to see the mutual benefits of working with brands to promote products that she used and loved in every day life. She believes everyone should be paid fairly for their time, and as a Mom of 4, every minute counts. She would consider herself “seasoned” as she's been doing this for almost 8 years.. but she knows she still has much to learn and benefit from learning how brands prefer to work with social media influencers.

Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson is a busy mom and entrepreneur, successfully raising her family and running Chip Cookies.