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Utah Business – April 2018

The April 2018 issue of Utah Business magazine highlights the CCIM Excellence Awards, a wrap up of the 2018 legislative session, Awards for HR Achievement and Corporate Counsel, as well as a special feature on Leadership IQ.

Legislative Wrap Up:

Gov. Gary Herbert has called this year’s legislative session one of the best he’s seen in over 10 years, as big compromises and complicated solutions were made in areas like education and transportation. One such compromise was with the popular ballot initiative, Our Schools Now. Two other ballot initiatives, medical cannabis and Count My Vote, were also up for debate, but no compromises were reached. Those issues are now headed to the November ballot for voters to weigh in.

Raising Your Leadership IQ:

When asked what makes a great leader, Carine Clark, CEO of Banyan, shares, “Someone recently said to me, ‘I don’t understand why people don’t do what I tell them. I’m the boss.’” Clark then replied, “You know that Lincoln freed the slaves, right?”

HR Achievement Awards:

HR leaders are usually more accustomed to giving out kudos than receiving them. That’s why we’re delighted to turn the tables and give some stellar HR professionals the recognition they deserve.

Corporate Counsel:

In-house attorneys have it easy, right? They don’t have to track billable hours and they can craft a work schedule that’s closer to 9 to 5—at least in theory. The truth is that in-house counselors have a tough job that requires a broad spectrum of legal expertise that encompasses employment, real estate, contracts, securities, government relations, compliance, cybersecurity and much, much more. So please join us as we pay tribute to our first Corporate Counsel Award honorees—exceptional attorneys who are invaluable assets within their companies.