Zachary Haycock Thinks A Career In Sales Keeps Him Motivated

“I started off selling sunglasses at the Provo Mall in high school,” says Zachary Haycock, manager of client strategy at Big Leap. “Growing up, my mom always told me I would be a lawyer because I love to debate. But a sales career has given me the opportunity to stay motivated and see results.” And since starting at Big Leap, Mr. Haycock has seen nothing but results. During his first year, he brought in $720,000 alone and in 2018 he was on track to bring in $1.3 million. He even brought on a pest control client that, after one year, receives an average of 700 leads a month with $2.20 per acquisition―rates that are practically unheard of in the pest control industry. As the manager of client strategy, Mr. Haycock has the opportunity to meet many different business owners in many different industries. “It is so fulfilling to see how the plans my team and I implement can really affect the organizations we work with,” he says, looking forward to the opportunities they can face together. “Sales has made me completely uncomfortable with mediocrity. I will forever be grateful for that.”

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