Zach Richardson Has Changed The Landscape At UNIPIXEL

Over the past year managing director, Zach Richardson has changed the landscape at UNIPIXEL. Projected to break 1,000 small business clients by the end of Q1 2019, Mr. Richardson has pushed UNIPIXEL to become the number one one-stop shop for design services. “If I had to pick one thing I’m particularly proud of in 2018, it would be increasing our sales so much that we had to almost double our staff,” says Mr. Richardson. Thanks to Mr. Richardson’s efforts, they have no intention of stopping that growth anytime soon. “This has been a busy, but exciting year.” Mr. Richardson has worked hard to grow brand recognition within the design space, working hard on major partnerships with,, and, among others. As a result of these partnerships, UNIPIXEL is now able to offer six separate product offerings as well as a partner program. And Mr. Richardson strives to continue building solid, reliable partnerships. “I think some people outside our profession still have a bias toward people in our industry,” Mr. Richardson says. “But the truth is that good salespeople focus their effort into helping customers solve their problems.”

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