Wasatch Community Gardens Launches Seeds Of Success

Salt Lake CityWasatch Community Gardens (WCG), a Salt Lake City based nonprofit dedicated to an inclusive, robust and vibrant community that is nourished by health and affordable food, is thrilled to announce an innovative new program: Seeds of Success. 

This new program is the result of a partnership with Climb Wyoming, a nonprofit with 30 years of experience moving families out of poverty through job training and placement.  Thanks to funding from the United Health Foundation, WCG is able to access support developing this program through Climb’s proven model.

Seeds of Success is a new job training and placement program that will leverage the therapeutic environment of WCG’s Green Team Farm to help participants develop strong professional and social networks.  The program will capitalize on the positive role that gardening and healthy eating can play in the journey from poverty to self-sufficiency for struggling families.  It will also include an industry-specific training to prepare participants for employment in a chosen field. The first program will focus on Certified Nursing Assistant training based on the high availability of jobs in this sector. Seeds of Success expands on the impactful Green Team Farm program, developed in 2016 to provide opportunities for women experiencing homelessness to work on the farm.

“Wasatch Community Gardens has a long history of partnerships that seek to implement garden initiatives,” Ashley Patterson, executive director, Wasatch Community Gardens.  “That we could use the garden environment to impact overall health, well-being and agency for marginalized populations is the latest example of how we think creatively to ensure that the garden is a critical community asset.”

“A garden is an incredible learning environment not only for growing food, but for developing skills necessary to personal growth as well,” Ms. Patterson continued.  “It fosters patience, planning, problem-solving, decision-making, nurturing and other important skills.  We are excited to leverage this environment to work with single-mother led families and help them develop the foundational skills that will allow them to be placed in successful careers.”

The Seeds of Success program will be led by Susie Marvin who has a background in educator engagement and teaching, as well as gardening experience growing up in her family’s nursery.  Program recruitment is underway with a commencement planned for June 2019.

About Wasatch Community Gardens

Wasatch Community Gardens is a nonprofit organization that has served Wasatch Front residents since 1989 with the belief that the quality of a community is directly related to the quality of its food. We offer garden space, educational programs, and community events to empower people to grow, harvest, preserve, and prepare fresh, healthy food. We execute our mission of empowering people of all ages and incomes to grow and eat healthy, organic, local food through five main programs: Community Garden, Youth Garden, School Garden, and Community Education and our Green Team Farm. For more information visit

About the United Health Foundation

Through collaboration with community partners, grants and outreach efforts, the United Health Foundation works to improve our health system, build a diverse and dynamic health workforce and enhance the well-being of local communities. The United Health Foundation was established by UnitedHealth Group in 1999 as a not-for-profit, private foundation dedicated to improving health and health care. To date, the United Health Foundation has committed $430 million to programs and communities around the world. We invite you to learn more at

About Climb Wyoming
Celebrating over 30 years of working with single mothers to achieve self-sufficiency, Climb Wyoming is a statewide nonprofit organization whose mission is for low-income single mothers to discover self-sufficiency through career training and placement. Climb graduates consistently double their monthly income and decrease their reliance on public assistance programs, thanks to a comprehensive program approach that includes job skills training, life skills and mental health services. At Climb, success isn’t just about getting a job – it’s about financial independence for struggling mothers and changing the generational cycle of poverty one family at a time. For more information visit

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