South Jordan Walmart Adds Pickup Tower For Faster Shopping

South JordanAs part of its continued commitment to providing innovative technologies that help customers save time and money, Walmart has introduced a Pickup Tower in South Jordan. Customers now have access to the tower at the South Jordan Walmart Supercenter at 3590 W South Jordan Parkway. The 16-foot tower, which functions like a high-tech vending machine, can fulfill a customer’s online order within seconds. 

“We can’t wait for every customer to meet our brand-new Pickup Tower, an amazing tool that makes shopping stress-free and faster,” said store manager Kevin Carlile. “The Tower is conveniently located at the front of the store so customers can quickly pick up their online order. Customers can simply order from their phone, scan the barcode sent to their email at the Pickup Tower, and be on their way.”

To use the Tower, customers simply choose from the millions of items available on and select the Pickup option at checkout. When the item arrives at the store, an associate loads it into the Pickup Tower and the customer retrieves it by scanning a barcode sent to their smartphone. Pickup Towers are the latest example of Walmart’s commitment to digital acceleration and innovation, as well as convenience – helping customers save time and shop however, whenever, and wherever they want. 

The Pickup Towers will also be paired with Pickup Lockers. More than half a million orders have already been completed through the existing Pickup Towers, and this addition will grant customers the ability to pick up large items, such as a new TV, while still utilizing the time-saving convenience of the towers.

Walmart is leading the way in retail innovation and will soon also be expanding several additional services that deliver greater convenience, including: Online Grocery Pickup, Online Grocery Delivery and Pickup Discount. These in-store and online innovations are all part of Walmart’s investment in serving today’s customers while saving them time and money.

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