Utah Independent Business Coalition Voters Guide

Salt Lake City—The Utah Independent Business Coalition is excited to release their first Local Business Voter Guide, in an effort to educate the voters on the positions of each of the candidates running for Salt Lake City Mayor, Salt Lake City Council and Millcreek City Mayor. Questions presented to the candidates were specific to issues affecting small, locally-owned businesses. Candidate replies were subject to 300-word per question limit.  

“Independent, locally-owned businesses are crucial to our vibrancy of neighborhoods, and they are in indeed, the cornerstone of our state’s economy,” said UIBC president, Doug Burton. “Utah small businesses comprise 99.3 percent of the state’s businesses and employ almost half (46.3%) of the private workforce in Utah. Yet, it’s often the large corporations that garner the incentives and preferential treatment to do business in the state. Utah Independent Business Coalition exists to advocate for and call attention to the importance of locally-owned, small businesses.”

Voters may download the 84-page guide for free and receive first-hand knowledge of each candidates position on various topics such as:

  • In what ways do you feel local, small businesses contribute to the economy and the vibrancy of our city?
  • Do you believe that businesses of any size need economic incentives (provided by local or state government) to start up or relocate here?

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“With so many topics that the public at large wants the candidates to weigh in on, the specific concerns of small business owners often gets lost in the shuffle during debates and public forums,” Mr. Burton stated.  “With our Local Business Voter Guide, all the questions we presented to the candidates were submitted by area business owners — and deal directly with matters that specifically affect local, small business.”

  • Utah Independent Business Coalition (formerly Vest Pocket) is a collaborative association of Utah’s locally owned businesses. These businesses lend a unique flavor and a “sense of place” to our communities. They are the small stores, cafes, and professional services businesses that are at the heart of our most cherished neighborhoods.
  • Utah Independent Business Coalition (UIBC) is committed to building a stronger independent business community through education, advocacy, and social connections. 

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