Utah Digital Marketing Collective Is Building Community

As Utah’s largest professional association of digital marketers, the Utah Digital Marketing Collective has held monthly marketing events for the last seven years. “Our focus is to build a strong community,” says David Malmbourg, director of marketing at Number 6 and member of the board at the DMC, and by focusing on the community, they’ve been able to build strong relationships. Over 4,000 marketing professionals have walked through their doors, and they work to keep their community updated in their marketing Slack channel which boasts over 500 members. In 2018, the Utah DMC held their fourth annual conference, which saw a dramatic increase in attendance from previous years. Hosting eighteen nationally renowned speakers, events like this have helped put Utah on the map of the marketing world. But it wouldn’t be possible without the work of the DMC’s outstanding board of directors. A fully volunteer board, they’re extremely enthusiastic about marketing. And each one is more than happy to take time away from their full-time marketing careers to help put together these events and facilitate a valuable community and network across Utah.

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