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Silicon Slopes – Spring 2018

The Spring 2018 issue of Silicon Slopes magazine features a cover story on Tapping into an At-Home Workforce as well as a pieces on Peek, Tech Ridge and Cornerstone Technologies.

Mutual Beneficence:

I was sitting next to Stephen Brown, cofounder of LedgerGurus, at a post-Tech Summit function. We were talking about the themes of the Summit and how multiple speakers had mentioned the need to include more women in the workforce. Then Stephen said, “I think sometimes we’re missing a key point. You have to give women flexibility if you want to include them in the workforce.” He mentioned the success his company has found by giving its employees—many of them women—flexibility. I told him we should do a magazine story.


Nearly 10 years ago, Ruzwana Bashir prepared to embark on a trip. She circled in on a destination—Istanbul, Turkey—and began searching for fun, local activities. For 20 hours she searched. 20 HOURS. This is incredible planning discipline. I would have given up after 25 minutes, scrapped the whole trip and laid in bed for a month with a warm towel on my forehead. Bashir did not, instead sifting through the cultural hotspots of Istanbul to find what she desired: experiences.

Tech Ridge

On January 20 of this year, I departed Utah County and headed south. Silicon Slopes Tech Summit had just wrapped up, punctuated by one of those dreaded snowstorms that turns I-15 into a slippery mess. As I drove from Salt Lake City to my home in Spanish Fork, I was struck by two things.

Cornerstone Technologies

The largest structures in the world—the Empire State Building, the Colosseum, the Sydney Opera House—all begin with a cornerstone. After these buildings were completed and marked the skyline of each city, it was easy to forget how it all began—with a solid stone that varies in size but not support, altered to meet the specific demands of each structure. A foundational piece that enables an entire experience, causing tourists and passersby to look at some of humankind’s most intricate creations and feel they are a part of something special.