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Route Announces $12M In Seed Funding

Silicon Slopes— Route, the premier post-purchase experience platform for both online retailers and consumers, announced that its visual order tracking platform (Route App) and package protection feature (Route+) are publicly available. The public launch follows a successful limited release, where Route granted early access to thousands of its 100,000+ waitlisters. 

The company recently closed $12 million in seed funding from investors including Album VC and strategic partner Pattern. In only 10 months, Route is also announcing that the company’s Annual Run Rate (ARR) has reached $8.85 million (up from $5.7M from the end of October), putting the company on track to be one of the fastest growing startups of the year. During its stealth phase, the company has helped 1.3 million customers from 187 countries and increased its internal team from five employees to over 100 growing weekly. The Route App is currently available for users to download on iOS devices. 

For more than a decade, brands have undergone major digital transformations to ensure increased engagement and that customer experiences meet the demands of consumers. However, little has been done to transform the post-purchase experience, until Route. The company provides an added layer of trust between consumers and brands, insuring their purchases and ensuring a positive customer experience. Serving small businesses, artisans, and corporate partners alike, the company launches to the public with a 90 percent Customer Satisfaction Score and a 4.9/5 rating on Shopify.

Route is the first consumer-facing platform for post-purchase that empowers consumers to no longer accept the unsatisfying status quo of not knowing exactly where their order is. Additionally, the company allows online merchants to build trust with returning and new customers alike. This recent seed round will help the company expand its consumer-facing offerings.

How it Works Route’s cutting edge technology aggregates consumer online purchases and compiles all tracking information in one place, allowing customers to visually track, organize, and simplify their online shopping experience. Any purchases made directly with a Route Merchant will be available to track via the Route app. 
Additionally, consumers can track any online order thanks to Route’s proprietary AI technology, RouteBot, that utilizes machine learning to seamlessly synchronize with users’ email accounts (currently Gmail only) and congregates their online purchases to be tracked via the Route app, without sacrificing user privacy. With over 1,600 merchant partners and millions of consumers, the company is uniquely positioned to train intelligent systems that improve the consumer shopping experience.

Package Protection with Route+ Additionally, Route enables customers to fully insure their packages through Route+, building trust with online retailers through convenience and reliability. With Route+, users can file lost, damaged, or stolen package claims with just one click within the Route mobile app. Route+ is free for brands to offer to consumers – those who do offer Route+ have seen an increase in conversion, decreased spend on customer support teams, and an improved post-purchase customer experience due to Route’s ability to quickly handle customer claims. Route+ is free for merchants to integrate and currently protects over $350 million worth of consumer goods a year, protecting over 1.3 million customers. The company technology platform uses advanced machine learning algorithms to predict risk, improve claim resolution, and identify order and tracking information in email. 

“Historically, the post-purchase experience has lacked transparency for consumers and been a missed engagement opportunity for both merchants,” said Evan Walker, Founder and CEO of Route. “Our goal with Route is to simplify. We’re making order tracking modern and visual and providing the ability to handle shipping issues with one-click, all while creating a better post-purchase shopping experience for not just consumers, but for brands as well. Route extends the for both retailers and consumers after purchases are made, an opportunity currently missed by many online brands. We’ve only just begun and couldn’t be more excited with where we as a company and product is headed.”

Additionally, the company today has announced its new 30,000 sq ft headquarters. Located in Silicon Slopes, this new facility will house the company’s entire operation – including sales, engineering and customer and client support.

To access the media kit, including visual assets, please click here.To learn more and download, please visit https://route.com/

ABOUT ROUTE The company is the premier post-purchase experience solution for online retailers and their customers. Through the Route App, users can visually track, protect online orders and effortlessly resolve order issues. With Route+, retailers can now deliver an end-to-end post-purchase experience that delights customers and turns them into lifelong advocates. The company has offices in both Silicon Slopes, Utah (HQ) and Los Angeles, California. For more information visit www.route.com.