Qube Money debuts money management app to help Americans eliminate debt

Pleasant Grove— Qube Money, money management and digital banking platform, today announced the launch of its app. Designed to empower consumers to control their finances and eliminate debt, Qube Money brings the envelope budgeting method to a cashless world. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for cashless solutions for our day-to-day transactions,” said Ryan Clark, cofounder and CEO of Qube Money. “Qube Money helps people successfully navigate the shift to a cashless society by digitizing cash allocation and spend planning to ensure their money has purpose pre-determined by the individual.”

Qube Money sets up digital envelopes that work in conjunction with a Qube Money debit card tied to an account. Before each purchase, users select an envelope to make that money available on the card. Qube also enables users to set up rules to allow regular bills and subscriptions to process within their budget automatically. The app tracks your and other family member’s spending, who are synced to the program, letting you work within parameters and stay on track. 

“Using the zero-based budgeting method, we give users constant awareness,” said Shane Walker, cofounder and Executive VP of Qube Money. “When money allocated to specific expenses is gone, it’s really gone.”

Recognizing finances are a main contributor of divorce, Qube Money’s goal is to provide a tool that promotes financial communication between couples. With a robust product roadmap, the company will be offering services like Qube Companion Cards and Kid Cards to support a variety of budgeting dynamics in the household.

“While everyone can benefit from Qube Money, we believe it will help unite couples,” said Clark. “That’s why we’ve made it our mission to reduce the divorce rate by 1%.”

The Qube Money app is available to qualifying customers in the U.S. Learn more at or on LinkedInFacebookInstagram, or Twitter.

About Qube Money

Qube Money is a mobile banking app that provides real-time banking solutions to make spending and saving with purpose an easy, seamless part of life. Qube aligns people’s use of money with their purpose and creates financial fulfillment. Ultimately, Qube empowers people to experience more abundance, joy, and peace with money.