Old Business New Ideas – How Logical Move Commercial Real Estate is Changing the Game by Doing What’s Right

Salt Lake City–The number one buzz word around Utah’s Silicon Slopes is “DISRUPTION.” For years Small Business Owners have bowed down to Commercial Real Estate Brokers who held on tightly to their book of listings. Brokers would convince local business men and women into entering a “duel agency” contract in which the Broker represented the buyer and the seller.
How can someone negotiate in the best interest of their client when they are representing both sides of the deal?

The internet has placed the information once guarded by brokers and agents into public hands. Small business owners are able to find all the information they need on the location of their dreams.

But then what? Call the person who is listing the property? You’re placed right back in the same scenario of being worked over by an agent trying to make his client AKA the Seller or Landlord a ton of money.

So where’s the DISRUPTION?

Logical Move CRE is one of the first Brokerages in Utah to exclusively represent Buyers and Tenants of Commercial Real Estate. Logical Move is able to give clients 100% of their attention and focus while educating the client in lou of just “making a deal.” Logical Move can potentially save business owners hundreds of thousands even millions of dollars on real estate transactions that can then be turned around and used for hiring more people or investing deeper in the community.

We’d like to invite you to talk with us about the problems with the current state of the Commercial Real Estate Business and the solutions Principle Broker Tim Sleeper and the rest of the team at Logical Move CRE have come up with to fix it.