Maile Wilson: 30 Women to Watch Maile Wilson: 30 Women to Watch
Maile Wilson: 30 Women to Watch

Congratulations to Maile Wilson, Mayor of Cedar City, Utah – she has been selected as one of the 2017 30 Women to Watch honorees!

Each year, Utah Business magazine selects 30 women who are at the top of their respective fields and honors them in both its May issue and at an awards luncheon held in their honor.

Read more about Maile and the other 2017 30 Women to Watch honorees in the digital magazine.

Maile WilsonAccomplishments: Maile Wilson was elected mayor of Cedar City in 2013, the same year she graduated from law school in North Carolina and passed the bar exam. At the time, she was Utah’s youngest ever elected mayor. Her first initiative as mayor was to bring the city council and community stakeholders together to develop the city’s first strategic plan.

How gender impacts her work: “I knew that when I got into office I would have to work harder than everybody else to prove … that I really did have a place at the table,” says Wilson. But having gotten through that initial period, she’s found that her age and gender allow her to bring a unique perspective to the table. “We’ve been able to work together on decisions and get outcomes that we probably wouldn’t if you had a room full of like-minded people.”

Advice for solving problems: “Communication truly is the key,” she says. “Sit down, talk to people face to face. Technology is great, but an email or text does not go nearly as far in conflict resolution as actually being willing to sit down with somebody across a table and talk to work out a problem.”