Lindsay Bayuk Thrives At Pluralsight

Highly sought after for her deep SaaS expertise, Lindsay Bayuk joined Pluralsight in 2016 as the company’s first vice president of product marketing. Founding the product marketing function that now thrives at Pluralsight, she has built and leads a team of nine, transforming the company’s B2C messaging and positioning it to support a B2B model as it rapidly expands. “I’m most proud of the team I’ve built,” Ms. Bayuk says. “I love what we’ve created with the Pluralsight family.” Responsible for the creation of customer personas and sales enablement materials across several vertical segments, she has successfully driven the adoption of Seismic to help her teams at Pluralsight optimize the sales process and she oversees Pluralsight’s enterprise sales training. Her product marketing philosophies and framework have had a dramatic impact, achieving record levels of growth, and she has been instrumental in executing Pluralsight’s successful IPO. Under her guidance, Pluralsight has also launched two innovative and popular freemium products, Role IQ and Skill IQ, which have benchmarked more than one million technology skills worldwide since its launch. “I never thought I would work in marketing,” Ms. Bayuk says. “But once I found out there was a job that required both in-depth research and storytelling, I was hooked!”

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