Lianna Kinard Is An Asset

Since arriving at Buckner in 2016, Lianna Kinard has proved herself to be an extremely valuable asset. Nationally ranked at number 96 in the top 100 insurance agencies prior to her joining the firm, she has been instrumental in helping Buckner jump up twenty-three spots, within just two years. “My primary goal is to help establish Buckner as one of the top insurance agencies in the West,” says Ms. Kinnard.

During her time with Buckner, Ms. Kinard has implemented several new initiatives, including Buckner Cares, a brand charity division that gives the company an opportunity to serve the people in their community, and Buckner Connect, a brand networking component. “A lot of people think insurance is boring,” Ms. Kinard says. But she’s determined to prove those people wrong. Through Buckner Connect, she works to bring executives from top accounts together to network. “I was even able to host a cyber-inspired lecture with Frank Abagnale, of Catch Me If You Can fame. We brought in a con man to help clients realize how important insurance is.” Her enthusiasm for her work even spills over to her clients and has helped her achieve national recognition.

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