Mayor Jackie Biskupski Files Lawsuit Challenging Inland Port Authority

Salt Lake City—“Moments ago, the Salt Lake City Attorney’s Office, at my direction, filed a lawsuit with the 3rd Judicial District Court of Utah challenging the constitutionality of legislation which created the Inland Port Authority—usurping the City’s taxing and land use authority over one-third of Salt Lake City.

I have been clear since last year that I believe the State of Utah has violated the firmly established role of municipal governments.

Rather than work to correct this error, the State is preparing to double down on the worst parts of this legislation—seizing even more tax dollars and taking steps to close the courtroom door to me and other mayors who may be impacted by this gross State overreach.

After listening to the community, and conversations with city attorneys and outside counsel, I believe we must move forward with this lawsuit today, before this year’s legislation takes effect.

As Mayor, I took an oath to protect Salt Lake City in every action I take.

The Inland Port represents one of the greatest threats to Salt Lake City—and frankly, to the rights of cities and towns, the form of government closest to the people.

While I do not take this action lightly, I take it with full confidence that I am doing what is right for the residents of Salt Lake City.”

The lawsuit names the Utah Inland Port Authority, Derek Miller in his formal capacity as Chair of the Inland Port Authority Board, and Governor Gary Herbert.

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