Lawn Love Launches Services in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City―Lawn Love, a tech-startup that uses digital technology to connect homeowners with local lawn care providers is launching in Salt Lake City.

The five-year-old tech-startup is aiming to streamline the process of outsourcing lawn care services for Salt Lake City residents. “Traditionally homeowners have had to wait for a lawn care provider to physically come to their property, offer a quote, and then schedule a service. It can take weeks to get the job done after the initial contact is made”, said CEO and founder, Jeremy Yamaguchi.

The Lawn Love platform is accessible through both a website and an app. The platform generates quotes in less than two minutes using satellite imaging technology that maps the size of each property. Customers are then paired with a local independent contractor.

Lawn Love has partnered with a number of lawn care businesses in the Salt Lake City area. The company is providing them with scheduling, job routing, and payment software to streamline their operations.

“The average Utah lawn care company has only two employees and lacks the resources to modernize their business models. We are trying to democratize software for these small businesses so that they can compete with the dominating, corporate lawn care providers such as TruGreen and BrightView,” said Mr. Yamaguchi.

“Lawn Love is great for growing a small business and expanding it to something larger’’, said lawn care provider, Albert Milam.

The concept for Lawn Love originated when Mr. Yamaguchi spent hours searching for a quality service provider for his lawn in San Diego. “I realized that outsourcing lawn care was a serious hassle for homeowners, and that was largely because business owners had no technology to better their operations. So we decided to build something that makes the entire experience more streamlined and convenient for both customers and lawn care professionals”, said Mr. Yamaguchi.

Each independent contractor goes through a rigorous background check to assess their level of lawn care experience before they can begin work. Users can schedule a wide range of services including lawn mowing, weeding, aeration, gutter cleaning and more.

About Lawn Love:

Lawn Love was launched through the Y-Combinator Summer 2014 Batch. It raised funding from notable investors such as Bullpen Capital, Joe Montana, Alexis Ohanian, Barbara Corcoran, and more. With a head office is in San Diego, Lawn Love is now one of the fastest growing startups in Southern California. The company has partnered with more than 5,000 independent lawn care businesses who operate in 120 cities, across 43 states. For more information, please visit: