Control Your Style

Kaysville, UT- If you haven’t heard the name Stevenson Sylvester yet, you will soon. Mr. Sylvester played football for the University of Utah and then was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2010. He retired from the NFL in 2015 after a career ending injury. With deep ties to Utah and the rapid tech growth Utah has to offer he has officially joined the tech world here. Mr. Sylvester and his business partner, Business and Marketing Ninja, Jami Furniss have created an app that allows you to control your style.

Ms. Furniss and Mr. Sylvester have both experienced situations where they left the salon or barber shop feeling frustrated with the horrible haircut or service they received. Imagine walking around with only half an eye brow or having your hairline start in the middle of your head when it didn’t happen naturally! This is how KLYP was born.

KLYP is a cutting edge PaaS cosmetology service app that seamlessly connects the consumer and beauty service professional on an attractive platform for faster and more efficient communication. KLYP is enhancing the way Beauty professionals and their clients interact. Set to launch in April you will be able to find, schedule, interact and pay your stylist quickly regardless of where you in the US. For stylists it is a Virtual Assistant that includes a CRM backend system, maintains their schedule, manage profits and expenses as well as tax reporting, to name a few. KLYP is a game changing PaaS system.

Mr. Sylvester and Ms.Furniss recently attended CES in Las Vegas where they have been selected as the Top 5 product/services at CES. Not only is this great for Utah based KLYP, but shows that Utah holds steady ground in growing tech companies.

CES article: