Kiln Bringing Life To Utah’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Salt Lake City2018 was a big year for Kiln, a coworking space based out of Utah. Not only did the company successfully launch its first two locations in Lehi and Salt Lake City, but it helped promote growth throughout the states most prominent industries by representing over 50 of Utah’s most promising startups.

Along with breathing life into Utah’s entrepreneurial industries, their membership base also grew from zero to more than 400 members in just 12 months.

“Kiln’s international team decided more than a year ago to make Utah its first home. We observed the massive influx in tech ecosystem investment and saw the need for a world-class coworking model to help support the growth. We are honored to be a part of Silicon Slopes,” said Andrew Redpath, COO of Kiln.

To help accommodate their growing community, Kiln added 17 new team members including our two community directors, Emily Smith and Robyn Cohen, and expanded their SLC location with the addition of Voro Café. The growing team and space updates are both critical to the success Kiln promises to reach in the upcoming year.

“Workspace is to the professional as shoes to the athlete. While it used to be that there was one shoe for every use case, today there are hundreds to enhance the performance of individual whose feet they surround. Workspace is undergoing a similar evolution,” said Arian Lewis, CEO of Kiln.

The company also launched a propriety mobile application that helps members and the public quickly and easily reserve space, RSVP for events, and receive updates on member accomplishments.

Not only did the company launch into the digital arena in 2018, but they also created a proprietary furniture series in partnership with Rustica Hardware of more than ten items, held a launch party in November that over 1000 people attended, and hosted over 90 events at their in-house theaters.

About Kiln

Kiln is a coworking community meticulously designed to help individuals and teams elevate their craft. By combining years of industry experience and best practices from all over the world, the company creates the optimal environment to help companies grow.

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