Jennifer Zorko: 30 Women to Watch Jennifer Zorko: 30 Women to Watch
Jennifer Zorko: 30 Women to Watch

Congratulations to Jennifer Zorko, Director of Business Development – she has been selected as one of the 2017 30 Women to Watch honorees!

Each year, Utah Business magazine selects 30 women who are at the top of their respective fields and honors them in both its May issue and at an awards luncheon held in their honor.

Read more about Jennifer and the other 2017 30 Women to Watch honorees in the digital magazine.

Jenn ZorkoAccomplishments: Jennifer Zorko developed both the sales and service business development departments within a local automotive dealership group. “For each department, it took over a year of hard work to create the needed positions, job requirements, processes, pay plans, etc. I also had to personally troubleshoot what I had created monthly to ensure the employees could thrive and succeed in each department.”

Leadership style: “I always make it a point to listen. As a leader you can easily get sucked into the idea that everyone is going to listen and follow your directions. I have found it is completely the opposite, and as I have listened to the great ideas, struggles and success stories, I have learned more about how to connect with the people I work with. In return, they trust me and are willing to listen when I have direction to give them.”

Daily motivation: “My two boys. I have been a single mother for nearly seven years, and I have always wanted to show my kids that I can do anything I want—regardless of the challenges ahead of me… I can create my future, and so can they.  I want to be the best role model and inspiration for my boys, and that definitely motivates me to make great things happen.”