Utah Business' CXO of the Year

Jeff Selander: CXO of the Year

Congratulations to Jeff Selander, Chief People Officer at Health Catalyst – he has been selected as one of the 2017 CXO of the Year honorees!

Each year, Utah Business magazine selects C-level executives who are at the top of their respective fields and honors them in both its June issue and at an awards luncheon held in their honor.

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Jeff Selander, Health CatalystJeff Selander started out as the CFO at Health Catalyst before he became the chief people officer—or, what he calls “the owner and steward of the Health Catalyst workforce.” The majority of his career up until this point had been spent in strategic financial roles at small, high-growth startups, he says, but he began to see the strategic necessity of an engaged, determined workforce. When the chance came for him to lead initiatives to create that workforce, Selander leapt at the opportunity.

At the end of 2016, Health Catalyst had over 500 team members, with a mere 7 percent turnover rate and an 88 percent acceptance rate for those offered a job.

“There is a big difference between leadership and authority. Authority is something one is given from above, by way of assignment, tenure, title or any number of other ways,” says Selander. “Leadership is something else entirely. A leader must earn his/her following, and subordinates are free to choose whom they will follow, or not follow. Leaders who consistently earn the right to lead are much more effective than managers who direct by virtue of their authority.”