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Utah Business – January 2018

The January 2018 issue of Utah Business magazine features the Sales & Marketer of the Year awards program highlighting the top industry talent in the state of Utah as well as a profile on the illustrious Kem C. Gardner and the 2018 Economic Forecast.

Sales & Marketer of the Year:

Sales and marketing have always been demanding professions. Every lead and each sale are small victories – but they don’t guarantee the next sale. Only hard work and perseverance keep the sales coming, and each one is another hard-won victory.

But for any company, sales and marketing are what drive organizational growth. These frontline successes enable the company to hire more employees and invest in research or equipment. Strong, effective marketers and salespeople don’t just score wins for themselves, they’re winning for the entire team. So please join us in celebrating our 2018 Sales and Marketer of the Year Award recipients for their impressive feats and track records of success.

Kem C. Gardner:

The Adobe building. Utah’s symphony. The Days of ’47 Arena. Intermountain Healthcare’s Transformation Center. University of Utah’s policy institute. University of Utah basketball. What do these things have in common? Kem C. Gardner.

Economic Outlook 2018:

As 2017 dawned, Utah’s industries were hopeful for, but in some cases also a little wary of, what the new year would bring. Now, as another new year begins, industry experts weigh in on how performance compared with expectations for last year and what looks to be in store for 2018.