Jacob Nold: 20 in Their 20s Jacob Nold: 20 in Their 20s

20 in Their 20s , Nonprofit , Videos Utah Business Staff Nov 9, 2016

Jacob Nold: 20 in Their 20s

Congratulations to Jacob Nold, Executive Director at Labs for Liberty on being named one of Utah Business’ 2016 “20 in Their 20s” honorees.

“I don’t necessarily know if I consider myself ambitious. I know what I want and so I go and do it. And if I want to do it, I will do it. And that’s something that’s just been engrained in me since I was young. I think as young people we all have opportunities and it’s just a matter of recognizing that, you know, you have to put action to an idea in order to see that become a reality.” – Jacob Nold