Heather Erickson: Forty Under 40

Congratulations to Heather Erickson, vice president of marketing at Instructure. She was named one of Utah Business’ 2018 Forty Under 40 honorees.

Heather Erickson, Instructure - Utah Business 2018 Forty Under 40

Heather Erickson’s father was the manager of a small radio station, and she became involved in the marketing and PR for that station while still very young. She jokes: “I don’t know if I was attracted to my profession or if I was already in my profession from day one.”

Previously, Erickson worked at, where her efforts helped consumers see the brand as a consumer-tech brand rather than something for older hobbyists. In her role as vice president of marketing for Instructure, Erickson creates strategic and compelling marketing programs. She was instrumental in the release of Instructure’s employee retention and leadership empowerment tool, Bridge Retain, and during Instructure’s IPO.

“At my core I am an improvement strategist,” she says. “I love improving things. Any day I get to solve a problem or take something good and make it better is a good day.”

CAUSE SHE’S PASSIONATE ABOUT: Erickson is passionate about diversity and inclusion in companies, and does informal mentorships throughout her team at Instructure. “As a woman in leadership I strongly believe that I can’t just focus on myself, but need to be an active advocate for others,” she says. Her family also sponsors two children—one in the Dominican Republic and one in Malawi—through the organization World Vision.