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Genevieve Smith: 20 in Their 20s

Congratulations to Genevieve Smith, chief management analyst at Columbus Community Center. She has been selected as one of the 2017 20 in Their 20s honorees.

Genevieve Smith moved Columbus Community Center “out of the dark ages of paper processing into an age of big data,” says CEO Kristy Chambers.

With a background in economics, Smith has helped Columbus Community Center develop key performance indicators and use that information to drive business decisions.

As an example, Smith helped Columbus tap its database to determine the age of its client population and the fees for service each client generates for the organization, helping it pinpoint the services its aging population will need in the future and highlighting the need to emphasize programs targeted to young adults with disabilities who are aging out of the school system.

“We’ve come such a long way in re-forging our corporate culture to one that is proactive and data-driven – a fairly new idea in the social sector,” says Smith. “I believe in the power of good data and good public statistics to promote equity and access to services and to drive social change through influencing policy, public opinion and socio-economic structures.”


“I started my post-secondary education as a cell performance major, and though I rarely play classical anymore, I play in several bands around Salt Lake and do some studio recording work.”