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Forty Under 40 Nominations

Utah Business is now accepting nominations for our annual Forty Under 40 recognition program. This program recognizes business professionals under the age of 40 who fit one of the following profiles:

  • A young executive who has climbed the corporate ladder quickly.
  • A person who has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities.
  • An innovator who has created a disruptive technology that has had a major impact in an industry or market.
  • An entrepreneur who has created a market or industry for a new product and had a high level of success.

The nominee must be age 39 or younger on February 1, 2020.

****Please do not submit multiple nominations for the same individual. We are requesting one thorough nomination for each candidate. The selection is not based on “votes” but on the quality of the nomination.****

Note to agencies: Direct nominee contact information is required.

Nominations are accepted from September 9th – October 18th 

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