Sundance Strategies announces agreement to launch NFTs backed by life settlements

Provo — Sundance Strategies, Inc. (OTCQB: SUND), today announced the upcoming release of the first of its kind, compliant NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) backed by life settlements. The real-world assets backing the NFT’s will be up to $500 million, investment graderated life insurance-linked bonds, which will be backed by approximately $850 million of life insurance policies, and approximately $115 million of cash reserves. This asset is expected to produce cash flow and net returns to the NFT holder, creating a sound and secure investment, in these volatile times, with all the perks of an NFT held on the blockchain ledger.

This NFT drop is the first step in Sundance Strategies’ transformational plan to use blockchain technology in partnership with Tradability to provide consumers with direct participation in insurance-backed bonds, as well as an upcoming streamlined process to deliver cradle-to-grave insurance products to the masses.

“In executing its first-to-market strategy for a pipeline of NFT projects backed by real-world assets, Tradability is pleased to partner with Sundance Strategies, to launch innovative insurance products designed to leverage blockchain technology,” says Amadou Diallo, Tradability CEO.

A life settlement refers to the sale of an existing insurance policy to a third party for a one-time cash payment. According to Conning Insurance research, it is estimated that more than $2 trillion in life insurance policy benefits that could qualify for a life settlement are projected to be lapsed or surrendered. There are currently more than $230 billion of life settlements in the market today, with this amount projected to grow by $7 billion per year, as the industry is expected to enjoy consistent growth.

“In light of the significant volatility in the stock and crypto markets, investors are looking for a safe investment with good, investment-grade rated yields.  Sundance has teamed up with Tradability to bring to the market the perfect NFT, backed by non-correlated life settlements. This asset class is one of a very few, which is truly detached from the stock, crypto, real estate market, precious metals, as well as commodity markets. Thus, the buyers and holders of these new NFTs, add real stability to their crypto portfolio, in a highly volatile market,” says Kraig Higginson, Executive Chairman of Sundance Strategies.

In a world where large institutional investors are given the bulk of specialty investment opportunities, these NFTs will democratize access to life settlement investments and give access to a broader audience.