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Traeger Grills Granted Preliminary Injunction Against Dansons

Salt Lake City—Traeger Grills announced that the United States District Court for the District of Arizona has granted the Company’s motion for a preliminary injunction against Dansons US, LLC (“Dansons”), the maker of Louisiana Grills and Pit Boss grills.  The Court’s ruling granted all relief sought by Traeger Grills and enjoins Dansons from using the Traeger name and imagery (including of the Traeger Barn and of Joseph and Brian Traeger), publishing statements affiliating Joe and Brian Traeger with Dansons, or communicating a public endorsement by Joe and Brian Traeger in the advertising, marketing, or sale of wood pellet grills and associated products, including the recently-announced “Founders Series” grills.

In granting the preliminary injunction, the Court noted that Dansons admitted it “hired Joe and Brian Traeger ‘because of Joe’s face’ and his renown in the industry” and is “using Joe and Brian Traeger’s names to capitalize on Traeger Grills’ good will stemming from its association with the Traeger family.”  Further, the Court noted that Dansons’ “decision to use the Traeger Barn, specifically in its advertising, can likely only be explained by an intent to capitalize on the Joe Traeger invention story.”

Jeremy Andrus, CEO of Traeger Grills, stated: “We are appreciative of yesterday’s ruling, which recognizes the problematic nature of Dansons’s efforts to confuse consumers and profit off the Traeger brand through the unlawful use of names and likenesses that were sold to our company many years ago.  We remain committed to protecting the Traeger brand, our investment, and the trust and loyalty of our community.”

Traeger also noted that Dansons grossly mischaracterized a parallel court action in Florida in a press release issued on October 2, 2019.  Most notably, the press release ignored the Florida Court’s direction that it was inclined to enjoin Joe and Brian Traeger from using the Traeger name and barn to promote Louisiana and Pit Boss grills.  Traeger Grills has been directed by the Florida court to propose the precise scope of the injunctive relief it believes should be granted.  Regardless of the order to be issued in Florida, the Arizona injunction applies to all persons acting in concert with Dansons, including Joe and Brian Traeger.

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