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CXO of the Year Nominations

Utah Business CXO of the Year LogoHave you worked with a c-level executive who sets the standard in their field? These exceptional leaders have led their organizations to success in the short or long term, and stand out among their peers.

Utah Business is now accepting nominations for the 2019 CXO of the Year awards! This prestigious program recognizes Utah’s leaders that are driving quantifiable results for their organizations while providing unbeatable skills and mentorship to their teams. If you know an impeccable c-level executive who deserves to be honored as CXO of the Year, nominate them today!

PLEASE NOTE: This award program is for all C-level executives except CEOs, who are honored during our annual CEO of the Year awards.

Agencies: Direct nominee contact information is required.

Nominations are accepted January 25th – March 8th, 2019

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