Curza Announces $5.25 Million Investment

Salt Lake City— Curza, a privately-held small-molecule drug development company focused on the discovery and development of novel therapeutics to address the high unmet need of multi-drug resistant bacterial infections, announced today that it has received a $5,250,000 investment from the REPAIR Impact Fund and the proceeds will be used to advance the company’s novel CZ-02 program, which targets multi-drug resistant (MDR) gram-negative infections.

“Curza is very excited to be working with Novo Holdings.  Both companies have a strong commitment to bringing new antibiotics to the market to combat the growing threat of drug-resistant bacteria.  Novo’s commitment to Curza allows the company to accelerate the development of a much needed novel class of antibiotics,” said Ryan Davies, Curza’s Chief Executive Officer.

Aleks Engel, Director of the REPAIR Impact Fund, commented, “We are very pleased to be able to support Curza’s efforts to advance truly novel science, which we believe will become critical new medicines in this area of high unmet need.”

Antibiotic-resistant superbugs pose a threat to global healthcare, with Gram-negative bacterial infections recognized as one of the most serious threats.  This partnership will help Curza to accelerate the development of it’s new class of Gram-negative antibiotics, targeting the most difficult to kill drug-resistant bacteria.  With increasing resistance to frontline therapies, there is a critical need for developing new antibiotics.  Despite this necessity, very few therapies exist in the development pipeline of the pharmaceutical industry.  Curza and REPAIR’s efforts will therefore address a critical unmet medical need.

About REPAIR:  The REPAIR Impact Fund was established in February 2018 by Novo Holdings A/S with USD $165 million focused on investments in companies and projects aiming at combating antimicrobial resistance, particularly the priority pathogens defined by the CDC and WHO.

About Curza— Curza, a University of Utah spinout, is a drug development company focused on developing novel therapeutics to combat antibiotic resistant bacteria. Curza’s lead program is designed to kill bacteria with known resistance to other ribosomal antibiotics by binding to a clinically un-drugged and highly conserved site on the bacterial ribosome.  These new antibiotics’ unique mechanism of action allows maximum penetration of bacterial cells leading to potent activity against drug-resistant ESKAPE pathogens.  Headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT with offices in Cambridge, MA, Curza is privately held and is backed by several private investors. Visit for more information.

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