Conservice, Sports Academy to Offset Power with Solar Arrays in Cache County Conservice, Sports Academy to Offset Power with Solar Arrays in Cache County
Conservice, Sports Academy to Offset Power with Solar Arrays in Cache County

Logan—Two Logan-area companies are flipping the switch this week on new solar arrays that will offset the majority of their power bills.

Sports Academy’s 886 kilowatt solar array will be the largest in Cache County, offsetting 94 percent of the family health club’s energy costs. Conservice will offset 80 percent of its power with a new 699 kilowatt system. Both systems were installed by Auric Solar, Utah’s leading provider of solar energy.

The Cache Valley is a booming solar market, with more and more homes and businesses adding solar every day. Utah averages 5.26 solar daylight hours, providing a balance of sunlight for power production, moisture to clean solar panels, and the right temperatures to maintain optimal power production.

“With sunlight all four seasons of the year, going solar is an incredibly wise business move,” said Nic Evans, commercial sales director at Auric Solar. “Conservice and Sports Academy are setting a great example for the entire Cache Valley in making smart, environmentally friendly business decisions.”

Now celebrating its 20th year in business, North Logan’s Sports Academy will save more than $90,000 per year thanks to the new 2,646 solar panels recently installed on the roof. By installing solar, Sports Academy leaders are also leading the way in protecting the environment. The panels will keep the equivalent of more than 700 tons of carbon dioxide per year from being released into Utah’s air. That’s enough to plant nearly 21,000 trees.

“Going solar exemplifies our commitment to the community,” Sports Academy General Manager Dan Smith said. “We always want to make sure we’re doing the right thing for our customers, and switching to solar just made sense for so many reasons.”

Conservice, which provides utility management and billing services for property owners, will save more than $60,000 per year by installing the new solar array. The 2,256 panels are installed on the top of covered parking structures. The Conservice solar array will offset 500 tons of carbon dioxide per year — the equivalent of planting 16,500 trees or taking 67 cars off the road.

“At Conservice, we don’t just talk about conservation, or encourage others to do it. We strive to lead the way,” said David Jenkins, president and CEO of Conservice. “Installing solar is another way we are focusing on green practices and being more eco-friendly.”