Chris Cahoon Works Hard

When Nuterra Partners first brought in Chris Cahoon, it was to consult on the marketing and leasing of Center 53, an unused office park. And it proved to be a challenge. After sitting on the market for 18 months, the space was only leased at 7.8 percent. But Mr. Cahoon quickly rose to the occasion and showed he was up to the task. Building the brand and strategy from the ground up, Mr. Cahoon designed logos and a completely custom identity for the space, targeting a new audience in a tech- and Millennial-based workforce. Creating videos, social media posts, and utilizing every avenue of digital media, Mr. Cahoon’s efforts have proved to be extremely successful. “After a little over 12 months, occupancy of the original space has jumped to 95 percent, and we’re close to having nearly 60 percent of the next building pre-leased,” says Mr. Cahoon. By creating an engaging digital media campaign, he has elevated Nuterra Partners’ marketing team from the local to the national stage and has brought in a total of $27.5 million in total lease transactions in just the first marketing phase of the project. “I’m a big believer that hard work and a lot of grit can turn something into whatever you want it to be,” Mr. Cahoon says. “But I also believe that a night on the couch with Beto’s can make dreams come true, too.”