ChemoBrain Co.™ Announces Launch of First-Ever Treatment for Cancer Survivors

Orem— ChemoBrain Clear™ is the first and only product on the market formulated to treat the cognitive side effects of chemotherapy, commonly referred to as “chemo brain.”

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 650,000 people a year receive chemotherapy treatment.

After a successful pre-launch testing phase, ChemoBrain Clear™ is officially available for purchase worldwide. ChemoBrain Clear™ is a three-product regimen—Neuro, Biome, and Pulse—focused on brain health, gut health, and vascular health, respectively. The regimen has been tested rigorously and has already increased the quality of life for dozens of cancer patients.

“I have been using the ChemoBrain Clear™ trio of products for two years and the changes are remarkable,” said breast cancer survivor Anne Marie of Long Beach, New York. “My mind is clear, my thoughts are crisp, and my ability to communicate is concise. I don’t think I would have survived, much less thrived, without ChemoBrain Clear™!”

ChemoBrain™ President David Salo co-founded the company in April 2018 with his wife Michele Salo, a registered nurse and breast cancer survivor.

“Cancer survivors are told to get used to their ‘new normal’ after treatment,” Salo said. “Some physicians recommend sleep and exercise to combat chemo brain, but many physicians don’t want to talk about it because it’s a problem they don’t have answers to.”

David worked in the oncology pharma and cancer diagnostic industries for more than 30 years. He heard the term “chemo brain” regularly, but without any solutions. He also had a background in nutritional supplements and wondered if the solution to chemo brain could be as simple as better nutrition. For the next five years, he worked with cancer survivors, including his wife, who suffered from chemo brain. He applied what he learned to formulate ChemoBrain Clear™.

All of ChemoBrain Clear™’s natural ingredients are pharmaceutical grade and undergo extensive quality control testing. ChemoBrain™ ensures manufacturing partners meet the highest possible standards.

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About ChemoBrain Co.™

ChemoBrain™ designs and manufactures high-quality products that improve the everyday lives of cancer survivors and their loved ones. ChemoBrain Co.™ is committed to finding real, natural solutions for individuals experiencing cognitive impairment caused by cancer treatments. 

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