Utah Company Launches Cell Phone Cases That Reduces Radiation By 50 Percent

North Salt Lake— Gadget Guard, the premier maker of smartphone screen protection, announced the availability of the Gadget Guard case with alara technology™, which reduces user exposure to cell phone radiation by more than 50 percent while still maintaining the phone’s signal quality.

The cases are available for shipping starting today at

“Gadget Guard provides our customers high-performance products that keep their devices and themselves safer,” said Gentry Jensen, CEO of parent company Penumbra Brands. “Our new cases perform like any other case in protection, feel and design, but they also reduce radiation exposure, which could impact our health over time.”

Embedded within the Gadget Guard case are micro-thin antennas that automatically pair with your phone to dramatically reduce exposure to cell phone radiation. It does not shield or block RF, but instead redirects it away from the user, thereby maintaining the signal while protecting from radiofrequency radiation.

The new cases come in a slim version with a sleek profile that follows the contours of the phone. It’s easy to grip with a soft touch feel and provides 4-foot drop protection. A rugged version with greater drop protection will be available before the holidays.

The alarm technology has been independently tested by a RF Exposure Lab, an independent, accredited entity. In those tests, the Gadget Guard with Alara technology cases reduced radiation by as much as 78 percent in situations mimicking normal use.

Other radiation-reducing products on the market, including cases, use crude shielding materials that block antenna signals. This method actually causes the phone to compensate for the lost signal by transmitting at higher power, thereby negating the effect of the shield and draining the phone’s battery.

When a mobile phone is transmitting without the alara technology, it generates an almost omnidirectional electromagnetic field. When the phone is held next to the head, the head is directly in the most intense region of that radiofrequency or RF field.

With alara technology, users are better protected against harmful radiation and can continue to use their phones with less worry.

The Gadget Guard case with alara technology is $39.99 for the slim version. The cases are available now for iPhone 11 models.

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