CBRE partners with The Wasatch Group to finalize office lease at  Fairbourne Station  

Salt Lake City — The Salt Lake City office of CBRE announced that  Metrodora has signed a new office lease at Fairbourne Station in West Valley City. Barb Johnson, first VP with CBRE partnered with Anita Lockhart, president of Wasatch Commercial  Management to finalize the lease terms on behalf of Metrodora.  

Consisting of 53,654 square feet, the office space is located in Fairbourne Station, a new mixed-use development in West Valley City which encompasses 40 acres of office, retail, housing, and green space.  The project is located at 3535 South Market Street at the site of the former police station and is a  representation of the revitalization taking place in the area. The tenant, Metrodora, is a clinic and research institute that focuses on neuroimmune health and creating a new blueprint for patient care and research.  

“The vision that The Wasatch Group has for West Valley City is strikingly similar to the vision  Metrodora has for the healthcare industry—each hopes to elevate an existing product and position it for a brighter future. Metrodora as an organization is supportive of the changes occurring in West Valley and seized the opportunity to establish roots at the ground level of this revitalization,” noted CBRE’s  Barb Johnson.  

Great effort was extended by CBRE and The Wasatch Group to work together to develop a solution that was optimal for both the landlord and tenant, demonstrating a willingness to partner that doesn’t often occur within the industry. The focus throughout the entire site selection process was ensuring that  Metrodora secured a location that would assist them in putting down roots in a thriving community and working toward their organizational goals.  

Laura A. Pace, MD PhD, co-founder and CEO of Metrodora also commented, “When selecting a location for Metrodora we took into consideration access to expertise, a local community ripe with biotech innovation, and the opportunity to innovate on behalf of patients. We felt that by creating this world-class, multidisciplinary institute here in the Salt Lake City area we would be able to attract top-tier clinicians and researchers and be easily accessible to local, national, and international patients. We are  grateful for the strategic guidance and collaboration between CBRE and Wasatch in bringing Metrodora  to West Valley City.” 

CBRE Press Release 

“As we look to fulfill our vision for this project, we are taking great care to ensure that new office tenants are not just filling space but are invested in our long-term efforts to truly revitalize the area. The new office space at Fairbourne Station consists of high-end finishes in a centrally located area, two major draws for organizations that are looking to not only relocate, but offer their employees an elevated work experience,” commented Wasatch Group’s Anita Lockhart. “Historically, West Valley City has  been an underserved, but up-and-coming community and we are working to ensure this project infuses  new life into the area, elevating it for years to come.”