CaseWorthy to Expand Software Offering

Salt Lake City—CaseWorthy, case management solutions provider, is excited to announce the launch of CaseBuddy Software, leveraging the robust data collection and case management capabilities of CaseWorthy software and streamlining it for small to mid-sized human service organizations to decrease setup time and improve daily efficiencies.

“CaseBuddy is a refined version of CaseWorthy Enterprise software specifically tailored to meet the data collection, case management and reporting needs for small to mid-sized human service organizations. We have taken the core functionality and features most commonly utilized in Caseworthy Enterprise (?) and repackaged it to accelerate set-up and end-user adoption,” Brian Bingel, CaseWorthy Founder & CEO. “We are thrilled to have a turn-key offering that can support the crucial work done by these organizations while reducing cost and complexity so they can focus on their mission to serve their communities.”

Casebuddy Software is scaled for the immediate needs of small to midsize organizations yet offers the ability to be configured to meet their growing operations over time. CaseBuddy Software provides a straight-forward case management solution for data collection and management as well as ad-hoc and compliance reporting.

“CaseBuddy transforms the case management software industry. It’s not just a singular platform where you get what you get,” Rhett Richins, CaseWorthy President. “It’s configurable and can easily expand to meet the requirements of a nonprofits’ changing needs and maturing programs.”

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About CaseWorthy – 
Established in 2008, CaseWorthy has been raising the bar on how human service organizations interact with their software partner. CaseWorthy, the provider of CaseWorthy and CaseBuddy case management software, enables organizations to successfully capture and manage client data in one, secure location, efficiently generate compliance reporting and go beyond basic compliance to learn more about their organizations. Built from the ground up around the idea that case management software should support the needs and workflows of the staff and organization rather than dictate how they work, CaseWorthy supports the daily efforts and data needs for hundreds of human service organizations and community initiatives. By consolidating data and systems into a single platform, CaseWorthy helps non-profits, HHS organizations, and other government agencies access the information they need to better coordinate services and more effectively address the 360 degree needs of every individual and family they serve. 

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