Caffe Ibis Announces Change of Ownership

Logan— After forty-four years, owner Sally Sears is retiring and has sold Caffe Ibis to the company’s long-term Chief Financial Officer, Lesa Wilson. No change in operations is expected. Caffe Ibis, formerly the Straw Ibis Herb and Grain Co. in Logan, Utah, was first purchased by Sally Sears and husband, Randy Wirth in 1976. What began as a local health food store has evolved into a nationally acclaimed specialty coffee roastery. Sally’s commitment to her community will continue to be upheld in daily business operations. 

Lesa brings over a decade of experience with the company to her new role and plans to continue the legacy of quality in the cup. She also maintains the same values of community stewardship, stating “Sally and I have worked together for going on 13 years now. I very much share the values and vision that she and Randy held and plan to continue their legacy of supporting the tenets of arts, culture, environmental stewardship and social justice here in Cache Valley, as well as with our global coffee partners. I anticipate a very bright future for Caffe Ibis and expect this iconic entity will continue to be a part of making our community such a wonderful place to live.” 

In connection to her business ethics, Sally often noted what she and Randy referred to as the “Allen Test,” named after Allen Stokes of the Stokes Nature Center. “It was always about, ‘Is this ethical?’ Is this something we can do and feel ethical about our value system while we’re helping the environment.’” – Sally Sears 

Caffe Ibis proudly remains a woman-owned business in Cache Valley, made possible by Sally’s dedication to empowering not only her female employees but by all who know her personally. While her daily involvement and dedication to her business will be greatly missed, Sally plans to remain active in the local community and in the specialty coffee world. 

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