Brydge Acquires Henge Docks

Park City— Brydge, the leader in high quality and innovative tablet keyboards, announced today the acquisition of Henge Docks, a leader in docking solutions for the Mac Ecosystem.

Brydge’s vision is to create a range of complementary devices that enhance the lives of individuals, giving them a seamless transition from one device to another.

“We’ve always been major supporters of Henge Docks and their products. This acquisition allows Brydge to accelerate our expansion into a proven category with products that are deeply aligned with our product roadmap. The opportunity to leverage Henge Docks’ reputation in Apple-compatible products, as the springboard into similar products for other key brands such as Microsoft and Google is a milestone for our company and significantly increases our reach in the industry,” said Nick Smith, Co-CEO and Founder of Brydge.

Brydge has built a strong foundation through the creation of premium tablet keyboards, and the acquisition of Henge Docks is an exciting way to accelerate achieving their expansion goals.

“Our vision is to be the leader in high quality, design-focused peripherals that create a seamless experience across devices and user environments. The Henge Docks acquisition is an exciting step towards this vision. With the Henge Docks products in our portfolio, we are significantly expanding our ability to offer our customers industry-leading solutions and enhance their productivity,” said Toby Mander-Jones, Co-CEO and Founder of Brydge.

About Henge Docks

Henge Docks creates premium accessories for the Apple Ecosystem. Best known for their market-leading docking solutions for MacBook, Henge Docks designs products that are aesthetically pleasing while effectively offering users an enhanced experience with their devices.

About Brydge

Brydge is a leader in high quality consumer electronic devices. It quickly set the new benchmark for tablet keyboards by combining sleek design, 100% aluminum body and market-leading features, Brydge keyboards create a true laptop replacement.

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