Beth Thornton: 30 Women to Watch Beth Thornton: 30 Women to Watch
Beth Thornton: 30 Women to Watch

Congratulations to Beth Thornton, Vice President of Sales at O.C. Tanner – she has been selected as one of the 2017 30 Women to Watch honorees!

Each year, Utah Business magazine selects 30 women who are at the top of their respective fields and honors them in both its May issue and at an awards luncheon held in their honor.

Read more about Beth and the other 2017 30 Women to Watch honorees in the digital magazine.

Beth ThorntonAccomplishments: Beth Thornton runs the global sales department for O.C. Tanner. She has been with the company for 23 years, having started as a customer service representative—she then became a top salesperson and since has been named the No. 1 managing director in the company three times. She has helped transform the sales force at the company, redefined and optimized roles, and has “tried to remove the barriers to retaining our best clients and growing new ones.”

What she enjoys most about her work: “Above all else, I still love the client connection. You need to keep that to not lose perspective of what your clients and your people are going through. I love to sit down with our customers when they are here to understand their business need and whether or not we are helping to solve it.”

On gender: “I find my gender to be an asset in our industry or any industry. I think women provide a different perspective than men do and that perspective is very valuable in the culture and engagement space. I think when men and women come together to solve a problem, both perspectives together guide us to the right answer. It doesn’t have to be one way or the other.”