Barry Roberts Loves To Challenge The Status Quo

While Barry Roberts, senior business advisor with G&A Partners, believes he just woke up one morning in a sales career, he hasn’t gotten to where he is today without hard work. Not only has he been the number one salesperson for five of the last seven years, but he also holds the sales record for highest volume closed in a single year by any sales rep in G&A history. From 2011 to 2017, he closed twice as much new business as any other member of the G&A sales organization. “Sales isn’t a unique skill set. It’s innate in every interaction we have. Some of us just get paid to do it,” says Mr. Roberts. Over the last 18 months, Mr. Roberts’ direct sales efforts have allowed his team to add 51 new clients and $54 million in payroll volume, providing new means to hire new talent, grow recognition, and even acquire new competitors along the way. “It’s all about challenging the status quo,” he says. “The challenge is acknowledging your solution isn’t designed for everyone, and the reward is finding those that you can help.”