Bahar Ferguson Never Imagined She’d End Up In IT

“I had no idea I would ever end up in IT,” Bahar Ferguson says, recounting her entrepreneurial achievements. “But being raised by entrepreneurs, I was always starting my own business as a child. I always loved the creativity in business.” From operating the cash register at her family’s restaurant as a child to leading the sales, marketing, and business development team at Wasatch IT, she has driven every endeavor she’s pursued to success. Receiving her MBA from Westminster College and then her Juris Doctorate from Brigham Young University, Ms. Ferguson has been busy. Beginning her political career at just 19, she was a key resource in Governor Huntsman’s campaign and spent several years working in the governor’s office before practicing law and then joining her husband to run Wasatch IT. In the 18 months since joining the company, she has doubled its monthly recurring revenue and its core business.

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