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Author: Jacob Swanson

There is no “silver bullet” when it comes to software decisions.

The impact of unions on workers’ rights, pay and working conditions in

Earn bill credits and upfront incentives with Rocky Mountain Power’s Wattsmart Battery

OxEon Energy’s innovations could produce oxygen on Mars, supporting life across the

The company mitigated over 150,000 tons of methane emissions in just one

What created the perfect storm for Utah’s thriving fantasy publishing industry?

Neuroimmune axis disorders like long COVID, chronic fatigue syndrome and POTS may

Modern mindfulness practices have a place in today’s workplaces.

Lawmakers add legitimacy and framework to DAOs to entice them to come

Some industries have floundered in the changing market, but others are going

If you find yourself hitting the soda shop on a daily basis,

Mountain America Credit Union wants to be one of the first credit

Galvan's CEO wants to put healthcare in the hands of the patients

Kemper Snowboards is extends its wares beyond the snowy slopes with an

Young NFT artists, such as eight-year-old Davis Cunningham are blazing ahead in

Scott Paul and Trent Mano have partnered to create Convoi Ventures, a

Cypher, a new decentralized synthetic asset protocol wants to make trading assets

New Utah crypto bills on a framework for ownership of digital assets,

Dragon Federation, a Utah-based web3 startup is creating the virtual pet of

Which may signal recovery for the industry after the big crypto crash.

This new NFT marketplace, launched by Utah-based company, Toniq Labs, wants to

TAFT is expanding their offerings with an innovative, and equally as fashionable