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Author: Jacob Swanson

Cypher, a new decentralized synthetic asset protocol wants to make trading assets

New Utah crypto bills on a framework for ownership of digital assets,

Dragon Federation, a Utah-based web3 startup is creating the virtual pet of

Which may signal recovery for the industry after the big crypto crash.

This new NFT marketplace, launched by Utah-based company, Toniq Labs, wants to

TAFT is expanding their offerings with an innovative, and equally as fashionable

Several CEOs and investors think a crypto bubble is starting to inflate.

Founded in Utah, Pawn Bots wants to make NFT buy back a

Pyrofex Corporation is building the Silvermint blockchain with the intention of rivaling

Crypto donations come with serious tax advantages, if you know how to

The JUMP is making VR BASE jumping in Utah a reality with

Cloutchain wants to help budding artists sell NFTs by developing a direct

After giving away their NFT collection for free, the team at HappyLand

The Utah Jazz is blazing a web3 trail for themselves with a

This idea from UpsideDAO wants to make earning as a brand ambassador

A new set of Rudy Gobert NFTs, along with NFTs for the

American Elderberry has an interesting idea to fund their farm: sell yields

Blockchain games can help users understand web3 while making some money.

Remi Labs, the company behind the gm groundhogs NFT project, has launched

mtnDAO, the organization behind the crypto app used to buy a protein

Formerly known as Genesis Block, Hightop is reinventing the crypto wallet for

Crypto card games are being brought to life, and The Crypto Whales

These organizations want to make the state the hub for all things

Marcus Hadlock, co-creator of the famous "Apocalyptic Apes" NFT project sits down

Co-director of "Murder Among The Mormons," Tyler Measom has a complicated history