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Author: Jeremie Oliver

Jeremie is an experienced MedTech and healthcare consultant, research scientist, entrepreneur, and clinician-in-training. He is passionate about identifying clinical shortcomings and developing patient-centered solutions through novel therapeutic approaches, healthcare delivery optimization, and translational research innovation.

The WHO officially declared the monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency, with

CivicaRx recently announced plans to be the only Utah company making affordable

The scientists at The Mars Desert Research Station are preparing for life

To help resolve lethargy, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Bay Area native company providing animal-free products, Perfect Day has found a

New technology from Merit Medical might provide a knee pain cure.

Myriad Genetics announced that the FDA approved its test to identify patients

Halia Therapeutics wants to help fight Alzheimer's by harnessing a structure-based drug

Recursion human clinical trials have officially begun, the first being on an

This new clothing by Salt Lake City-based tech startup, SINTX Technologies, could

Following an $11 million funding round, Sorriso Pharmaceuticals has created a first-of-its-kind

Rosivo, a Utah-based biotech company announced that they are changing facial reconstruction

SWORD Health is changing physical therapy for the better with their innovative

Epitel is developing a EEG monitoring platform for seizure detection.

Nanoparticles could regenerate our nervous system, thanks to new technology from Clene

ur world is becoming increasingly mobile. People yearn for ease and convenience

tah’s own Fluidx Medical Technology is shaking up the anti-cancer therapy world

he body’s electrical properties change in the presence of cancer.” - IONIQ

“It’s all about helping people relieve pain and suffering without the use

pine implant surgery has the highest rate of patient dissatisfaction,”  says Nexus

Aidar Heath is reinventing healthcare with an innovative patient-care monitor.