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Author: Elizabeth Smart

The abduction of Elizabeth Smart was one of the most followed child abduction cases of our time. Elizabeth was abducted from her home at the age of 14 on the night of June 5, 2002. For the next nine months, her captors controlled her by threatening to kill her and her family if she tried to escape. Fortunately, Elizabeth's grueling imprisonment ended on March 12, 2003, when an observant and courageous bystander took action, alerting the police and ultimately leading to her safe return to her family. Elizabeth triumphantly testified before her captors and the world about the very private nightmare she suffered during her abduction, which led to their convictions. Through this traumatic experience, Elizabeth has become an advocate for change related to child abduction, recovery programs, and national legislation. Elizabeth has helped promote the international AMBER Alert system, the Adam Walsh Child Protection & Safety Act and other safety legislation to help prevent abductions. She is the founder and chair of the Elizabeth Smart Foundation. Elizabeth is a voice and advocate for survivors or sexual violence, trafficking and rape. She has listened to countless stories from women and men, who have confided in Elizabeth by sharing their stories. The We Believe you campaign was created to urge survivors to share their stories as part of their healing journey. In January 2022, the Elizabeth Smart Foundation officially became a part of the Malouf Foundation™️ to confront sexual assault and exploitation. Each foundation fulfills their mission by providing education through OnWatch™️ and Smart Defense™️; promoting healing through the Juniper Scholarship™️, Rooms Restored™️, and restorative care centers; and advocating for survivors through Heroes Landing™️ and the "We Believe You" campaign. Supported by the network of Malouf Companies™️, the Malouf Foundation™️ and the Elizabeth Smart Foundation give 100 percent of their resources on behalf of the people they serve. For more information, visit and If you or a loved one has been affected by sexual violence, the National Sexual Assault Hotline, operated by RAINN, is available at 800.656.HOPE or via live chat at Communication is available 24/7, confidential and free of charge. Learn more about the Elizabeth Smart Foundation at or @ElizabethSmartFoundation. Learn more about the Malouf Foundation at or @malouffoundation. Take the OnWatch training at and sign up for Smart Defense at