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Author: Cydni Tetro

Cydni Tetro is recognized as an innovator of experience, a growth leader, technologist, STEM advocate, author, and speaker. A former tech founder, she is also a co-founder of the Women Tech Council.

Flexible and supportive leadership will keep the best people on your team.

Consumer companies in Utah are a bigger-than-realized industry, and they support a

Making room for women at the table isn't a "zero sum game."

When Cyd Tetro was young in her career, someone took a chance

The pandemic has helped employees figure out what matters most to them.

hirteen months ago, the pandemic brought our state to a screeching halt.

It’s 2021, but girls still aren’t picking tech careers.

The pandemic reversed progress made for women in the workforce, but it’s

Like everyone, the last few months have created change and new rituals