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Author: Amanda Hansen

Amanda Hansen is the vice-president of strategy and business development for AdvancedMD. She is passionate about increasing operational effectiveness and profitability and driving continual growth while improving patient care and access to healthcare through innovative software solutions. During Amanda’s 12-year tenure at AdvancedMD, she has held multiple positions in sales, service, finance and strategy which have yielded a host of professional accomplishments that can be seen in her job history. Hansen’s competitive edge, positive outlook and solution-oriented approach have made a noticeable impact on the vision, direction and achievements of the organization. She played a critical role in Global Payments’ recent $700 million acquisition of AdvancedMD from Marlin Equity Partners. Amanda is fluent in Mongolian and enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, observing and playing all sports, and spending time with her three children. Amanda has bachelor’s degree in communication from Brigham Young University.