Award-Winning Insurance Broker Offers Free Seminars

Salt Lake City—Rebecca Yates is a published author, licensed insurance broker, consultant and owner of Ark Insurance Solutions, LLC.  Yates has been working in the health insurance

insurance industry since 2004 and is very passionate about providing appropriate insurance coverage to her clients, taking the time to learn their needs and design unique programs. 

Her varied background and experience with both large self-funded groups and small fully insured groups bring a unique perspective to all of her endeavors. As the health insurance industry is always changing, she consistently takes the time to learn the changes and ensure that all of her clients are kept up to date. 

During the Open Enrollment period, Yates and her staff will be hosting various Free Seminars to assist people with navigating the system as well as assisting with making any changes to insurers existing coverage. 

Seminars will be held and both the Ark Insurance Solutions offices and at the Salt Lake City Public Library. Spanish Speaking is also available. 

Please visit for a full list of events.

About Ark Insurance Solutions: As an independent broker, Ark works with a number of the nation’s top health and life insurance companies to find the best policies to protect your family and finances in times of trouble. As the company has grown, we’ve built a dedicated team of experts in each niche in the health insurance industry. We can help you compare health plans to make the best decision based on your unique circumstances and budget.

At Ark, we love our community and believe in fully immersing ourselves in the causes, people, and places that we care deeply about. We invest time in our team, fellow business owners, and our clients to create lasting relationships and a true sense of community.